Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Copenhagen: Christmas in December for Envirobloggers

Considering I've posted a few times on the lead up to Copenhagen, the rational blog reader would expect feverish updates right about now on all the goings-on of the summit. Unfortunately, PhD students during finals don't behave rationally, which is probably why I am updating right now in the first place.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet by just giving you some links to interesting articles I've been reading about Copenhagen for the past few weeks.

New York Times weighs in on costs.

Russia is an interesting story. If there ever were a country that could benefit from a warmer climate, it's Russia. Couple that with the fact that Russia's emissions tanked in the 1990's while the Soviet Bloc collapsed, making it look on paper like Russia has had the best success at curbing emissions, and you get a country that is very hesitant to agree to any terms now at Copenhagen.

The Economist always has a fresh take on events.

The Obama Administration is trying to bring some heft to the table with or without a climate bill: the EPA's rulemaking is a well-timed step in the right direction.

...and if you like pulling your hair out read Sarah Palin's most recent op-ed in the WaPo.

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