Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome to The Power Generation!

Welcome to our blog, The Power Generation! In addition to a geeky reference, we will be using this blog as a sounding board for observations about our favorite topic: energy. The sexy energy: wind turbines, solar panels, smart grids. The ugly energy: coal, 3rd world cow dung. The mundane energy: consumer behavior, weatherization.

Not only are we starting a blog about energy, we’re entering a new word into the lexicon: The Power Generation. We’re defining TPG as the first generation to live in a world undergoing climate change (now aged roughly 20-40). This isn’t a problem we caused, but it is a problem that we’re going to have to solve. If we don’t dramatically shift the way we use energy by 2050, we’ll be getting into the thick of Al Gore’s irreversible climate changes, and if you want to know what that entails…talk to Al Gore (I’d rather avoid that too).

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  1. Ah, a new venue for ranting. But intelligently, for once. I don't know what you define as on-topic, but if I can make some contributions (either directly, or by sending you guys articles), let me know...